Anti blue reading glasses

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Update time : 2022-03-24 12:22:21
almost most elderly
All have the same problem - presbyopia
Once presbyopia occurs
It will be very difficult to see things around
Daily life will also be greatly affected
Not just for the elderly
Nowadays, many young people are also suffering from overuse of their eyes.
resulting in presbyopia
According to the "Ophthalmology" survey data
There are about 700 million presbyopia patients in my country
76% of people over the age of 40 suffer from presbyopia

With the popularization of electronic products such as mobile phones and computers
"Blue light" and radiation can be said to be everywhere
Causes multiple damage to the eyes
The vast majority of reading glasses on the market,
Single function, no anti-blue light, no anti-radiation,
And it's heavy and uncomfortable to wear.
Not only is the light transmittance poor, but the pupillary distance is also asymmetrical.
Not only is my vision getting worse and worse, but I often get headaches when I wear it!

Many friends who wear glasses have such troubles,
Once you take off your glasses and forget where you put them,
They searched everywhere like a blind man touching an elephant,
Look and see, don't worry about it!
To get rid of these troubles
Xiaobian recommends a super performance to you today
  Anti blue reading glasses  
Can effectively prevent fatigue, anti-blue light and anti-radiation
The key is also convenient to carry "won't lose" universal reading glasses
 Recommended reason:
1. The design of glasses that will not be lost is easy to carry, the detail design is full of ingenuity, the style is exquisite and the packaging is high-end, the best choice for the elders!
2. In-depth cooperation with GENTLE MONST*R, Guc*i, Ama*, Chan*, Kawakubo*, BOL*N, and international first-line eyewear brands, the quality is superb and meets national standards!
3. Swiss EMS imported ultra-light and ultra-elastic frame + high-quality resin lens, not easy to fade, waterproof and wear-resistant, anti-blue light and anti-radiation, to protect the clear vision of the eyes.


 Eyewear design that won't be lost 
 Exquisite style packaging high-end gift choice 
People who wear glasses are always inadvertently
forget the glasses somewhere
Elderly parents are more forgetful
Look everywhere when you want to use it
So when designing this reading glasses,
The designer focused on this issue,
Designed a mirror box that can be "sticked" to the phone case,
The storage is very convenient, we only need to bring the mobile phone,
Glasses can be found!

And the whole glasses are ultra-thin design,
The thickness is only 2mm,
It doesn't matter if you put it on your phone.
It is more convenient to use.

So you can put it on the back of your phone when you're not wearing it

And it will not affect the use of mobile phones

While watching a drama with glasses and having dinner,
Can also be used as a stand.


 After 18 processes, the quality is exquisite and meets the national standard 
Focus on high quality multifocal reading glasses
We vow to create excellent quality and strong sense of technology for the Chinese people,
Affordable reading glasses.
It's all because of having
Advanced optometry equipment and professional team,

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