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Not afraid of repeated epidemic situations, Ourlook road works with the country to fight the epidemic
Oct.05.21 The epidemic is back,Showing a trend of multi-point occurrence and local outbreak,The epidemic is not over yet, and prevention and control cannot be relaxed.We must pay attention to protection.
Date of great cold | delegates from the 6th Longwen District National People’s Congress (Lam Tin Delegation) Visit Ourlook
Jan.20.22 On the morning of January 20, more than 30 deputies to the sixth Longwen District People's Congress (Lantian delegation) and their party visited Ourlook (Zhangzhou) Optical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ourlook") for inspection and guidance. This inspection was organized by Lantian sub District Working Committee of the Standing Committee of Longwen District People's Congress of Zhangzhou City, aiming to have an in-depth understanding of promoting economic development, improving people's livelihood Social harmony and stability.
"Take care of your eyes together and move towards a bright future" -- the theme activity of Ourlook entering Zhang Vocational College on the National
Jun.07.21 (Wang Yajun, Zeng Yichen, Wei Juyuan, School of economics and management) on June 6, the theme activity of "taking care of your eyes together and moving towards a bright future" sponsored by the school of economics and management and Ourlook (Zhangzhou) Optical Technology Co., Ltd. and co sponsored by Zhangzhou E-Commerce Association was held in our school.
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